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Key People

Committed to the Cause

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Dr's Don and Jeani Maxwell


In 1993 Donald and Regina "Jeani" Maxwell, also known as mom and dad in the community, were vacationing in San Diego CA thinking that the Lord may have a ministry for them there. They had a heart for the homeless and drug addicted that they saw on the streets.  While in prayer the Lord had them come back home to Venice Fl.  When they returned they went to their church and the pastor asked them to pray about taking over the new Men's home for drug and alcohol addicts.  They said no need to pray we are doing it.  In 1995, with the blessing from their pastor, they moved the program from Sarasota FL to their private home in Venice FL.  They created the non-profit 501(c)3 and incorporated the program. From there they have helped transform and restore thousands upon thousands of lives.  In 2014 they retired and handed off the reigns to their daughter Tammy who shares in their mission to restore families and lives touched by addiction.


Dr. Ron Robbins


Pastor Ron joined the team in 2016 after spending most of his life in prison due to drug addiction. From the age of 13 Ron battled addiction, abuse emotional, sexual and physical, dysfunctional family upbringing and crime.  The Lord stepped into Ron's life and turned it all around over 20 years ago.  While in prison he earned his Biblical Theology Doctorate from Calvary Christian College & Seminary in 2002.  Since his release in 2016 he has dedicated his life to do the right thing and to help others get off the road of crime and destruction. Ron speaks at local churches, and organizations talking about the epidemic of addiction bringing awareness to the community.

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Dr. Tammy Robbins


Tammy has been a part of the Step House Team since 1995 she knew God had a calling for her and returned full time to the ministry in 2014 stepping into the role of President of Step House Inc.  Tammy earned her Doctorate in Christian Psychology/Counseling focusing on Addiction in 2015 from Tampa Bay Bible College.  She is also the certified facilitator for the FIT Program that Step House Inc. uses for the weekly Life Skill Courses. She has been revitalizing the program and bringing awareness of the addiction issue in our communities.

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